My 14 year old daughter has suffered with anxiety but Jo's art classes have turned that around for her. Art is her happy place! She's so confident now, she got a part time job and has gone on a 3 day camp with her new team mates! Jo truly has inspired her and developed her love of art immensely! Ella loves your classes Jo. So proud and so grateful for Jo's guidance and kindness in her teaching style! So grateful that you moved NOR - we have been looking for teen classes for a couple of years for her but all was available was 12 and under or adult classes! Thank you for filling the gap! We were going to travel to the City or even SOR to find an art class for her. Much needed and appreciated service that you're offering and you're bloody good at it too!! 🎉🎨💋Thank you 💕🎨🖼


My son had never enjoyed Art at school, so when his friend invited him to join Jo’s Art class I expected him to come home with no plan of returning!

Instead, Jo helped him find his own style in that very first lesson and encouraged him to express himself! Jo is amazing at bringing out the best in her students 👏🏻👏🏻💙💙

Penny Loois

I always knew my daughter had a talent for drawing and so booked her in to Jo's art classes, which she absolutely loved. Under Jo's amazing and patient guidance Maddie managed to produce the most incredible works of art, not only surprising herself but also giving her a newfound confidence. Jo also encouraged Maddie to explore many different types of mediums including charcol, watercolours, acrylics and sketching. Thank you so much Jo for being Maddie's very first art teacher.

Lisa Kent

Our Daughter was bored with "school art" and knew she could do more. I have worked with Jo for years and know her talents well. Jo is a fun, vibrant personality for the kids who works at their current level and takes them to the next in every lesson. Your kids will bring home pieces which keep getting better and better across all styles of art. Even if your artist is a little unsure about his or her talents but has a definite passion to explore art, I can't think of anyone better than Jo. Jo recently studied under acclaimed Australian artist, Helen Norton and also sold one of her pieces painted "live" on Rottnest in front of a crowd for a phenomenal sum. She is always looking for ways to push her own abilities and has the skills to bring the best out of your child. She is patient, kind, funny and creative and will be a magnet for your kids. They will love their art classes! Highly recommend.

Gabriella Wilson

My boy loves Jo’s classes. She is always all smiles and so full of energy. Never fails to engage the boys with her warm and welcoming personality. Even played classical music to help them focus on their art pieces during class. Hoping to return for future classes. Thanks Jo!

Vivienne Ng

My daughter loved her art class and came home so confident from learning from Jo. Would highly recommend Jo to help your children learn about art and build their confidence in themselves.

Kristine Kirby

Jo is an extremely patient person with such a kind heart. She has such a magical way of encouraging little ones and making that little spark shine brighter.

Emma Rattigan

Both my daughters loved Jo’s art class. She’s kind, patient and knowledgeable. Both girls produced amazing pieces of art. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Narelle Kent

My daughter loves Jo's art classes and has come so far under Jo's guidance. She always looks forward to her lessons.

My kids have been going for 2 weeks now and absolutely love it. They are so excited each Thursday and I am amazed at what they have completed in each class. They are also really proud of themselves. Joanne is just lovely and so amazing with the kids.

Samantha Lane

I've been fortunate enough to have witnessed Jo's art classes and they are nothing short of amazing.

Children as young as five with no previously shown artistic talents have produced wonderful works of art under Jo's tuition. Seeing the looks of surprise on the kids faces when they see their own artwork and the proud looks on their parents faces is truly heartwarming.

Jo just seems to have a gift for bringing out children's hidden artistic talents. The art work the kids are producing in Jo's classes never cease to amaze me. Great work Jo

Kian Colely

My son loved these art classes. Jo is very patient and lots of fun. He made some wonderfull drawings and painting which we will cherish

I would def recommend 👍

Claire Mackinder

Jo is an amazing teacher with such a bubbly personality and my daughter loves attending her classes.

Eleanor Buck Gregory

Julia Michelle

Jojo is a wonderful patient and vibrant artist and teacher who brings the best out of her students.

She makes the class a fun environment and brings art to life and can make it taylored to the individual too.

Thank you Jo 🎨

Deena Doyle

Fantastic online class today . Keeley loved it!

Niamh Fay

Fabulous fun, very encouraging!

Sharee Lovegrove